Addenda and Corrigenda to Aksumite Coinage

Below are listed addenda and corrigenda to the Type Descriptions and Plates in Munro-Hay S.C. and Juel-Jensen B., Aksumite Coinage, Spink, 1995 (henceforth AC). Those already published in the Errata in Spink Numismatic Circular, March 1996, Vol. CIV/2, p.43 are asterisked.
Sometimes AC assigns separate type numbers to what are only die varieties of the same type; to continue this approach would be impracticable and in such cases a range of type numbers may be given. Additional examples of existing types will only be listed if the type is very rare (for corpuses of all gold and silver types see Hahn and Keck 2020).


Pre-Christian Period (Endubis to Ezanas)

Early Christian Period (Ezanas to Kaleb)

Later Christian Period (Ella Amida to Armah)

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