Addenda and Corrigenda to Aksumite Coinage

Below are listed addenda and corrigenda to the Type Descriptions and Plates in Munro-Hay S.C. and Juel-Jensen B., Aksumite Coinage, Spink, 1995 (henceforth AC). Those already publushed in the Errata in Spink Numismatic Circular, March 1996, Vol. CIV/2, p.43 are asterisked.
Sometimes AC assigns separate type numbers to what are only die varieties of the same type; to continue this approach would be impracticable and in such cases a range of type numbers may be given. Additional examples of existing types will only be listed if the type is very rare.


Pre-Christian Period (Endubis to Ezanas)

Early Christian Period (Ezanas to Kaleb)

Later Christian Period (Ella Amida to Armah)

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